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Koyo Bearings


Koyo Bearings

Koyo Ball Bearings

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In a nutshell, Koyo are:

Automotive Supply

Koyo Manufacture a huge diversity of bearings for the automotive industry, including;

World-wide, Koyo is already supplying to, or currently designing products for, all the large motor
manufacturers. Koyo's first line technical support is provided by resident engineers at their European
Sales offices. These are backed up by the facilities at the newly expanded Technical Centre in
Holland who in turn can call on the extensive research and testing facilities in Osaka Japan and
Plymouth U.S.A. Koyo (UK) Ltd. continues the Koyo Seiko philosophy, and is the second largest
operation in Europe. Koyo (UK) Ltd is celebrating 25 years in the UK this year, although Koyo UK
has been trading since 1965, originally from Leeds, Yorkshire. Koyo has customers like Massey
Ferguson, Hoover, Bosch, as well as other major original equipment manufacturers.

Koyo Ball Bearings

Koyo Ball Bearings




Koyo Ball Bearings
Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Conrad Ball Bearings
Double Row Ball Bearings
Thin Section Ball Bearings
Miniature Bearings

Koyo Tapered Bearings
Single Row Tapered Roller
Double Row Tapered Roller
Steel Mill Tapered Roller
Long Life Tapered Roller

Koyo Ball Bearings




Koyo Angular Contact Ball Bearings

 Machined Bronze Retainer
-Higher operating speed
-Lower noise/vibration
-Stronger than pressed steel
Universally Ground
-Equal load sharing for duplex mounting

Koyo Tapered Roller Bearings

Koyo Ball Bearings




Specialized Features/Benefits
Forged Steel vs Seamless Tubing
Improved Fatigue Life
Reduced Noise Vibration
Super Finished Raceways
Crowned Inner Ring Raceway & Rollers

Koyo Spherical Roller Bearings

Koyo Ball Bearings



Standard Spherical Roller
Spherical Roller Thrust
Vibrating Screen Bearings

 Koyo R Type Spherical Roller Bearing
Two Piece Finger Type
-Reduced vibration/quiet operation
Koyo Machined Bronze Retainer
-Higher operating speed
-Better performance under marginal lubrication conditions
Koyo Reduced sliding friction
-Less tendency for roller skew during operation
Koyo RH Type Spherical Roller Bearing
Symmetrical Roller Design
-Larger diameter and increased roller
Koyo Pressed Steel Retainer
-length for maximum capacity
Koyo R and RH Type Spherical Roller Bearings
W33 Features Radial OD (oil Holes & Groves)
-Optimizes lubricant capability
Self Alignment
-Accommodates up to 2 misalignment

Koyo Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Single Row Cylindrical Roller
Double Row Cylindrical Roller
Rolling Mill Cylindrical Roller

Koyo Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Available as Single or Double Row type. Features include open, one or two shields, one or two
seals and locating snap ring. Also available as Extra small, Miniature and Maximum types.

Usage = The most popular type of bearing, it supports both radial load and a certain degree
of axial load in both directions simultaneously.

Koyo Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Available as Single or Double row, Matched Pair and Four Point Contact

Usage = Designed for high accuracy good high-speed performance. Carries a combined load,
axial and radial

Koyo Self Aligning Ball Bearings

Available as Open or Sealed type, with Extended Inner rings and Adapter assemblies.

Usage = Designed with a spherical outer raceway so that the inner ring, balls and cage continue
o rotate, aligning themselves within the design limits.

Koyo Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Available as Single, Double or Four Row. Features include Thrust Collars, parallel or tapered bore and
lubrication holes and grooves.

Usage = These feature high radial load capacity as the rollers and raceway are in linear contact.
Suitable for heavy radial and impact loading.

Koyo Tapered Roller Bearings

Available as Single or Double row, and in Metric and Inch sizes. Can be produced as either TDO (one
double cup and two single row cones) and TDI (one double cone and two single row cups)

Usage = Designed so that cups, cone and rollers have tapered surfaces whose apexes converge
at a common point on the bearing axis. This type is suitable for applications that involve heavy or
impact loading.

Koyo Spherical Roller Bearings

This type features a large load rating capacity and self-aligning capability. Cylindrical and Tapered bore
are available, as are Adapter assemblies and Withdrawal sleeves.

Usage = Suitable for low or medium speed applications which involve heavy or impact loading.

Koyo Thrust Ball Bearings

Available as single and double direction types. They are designed with a self-aligning capability and can
accommodate the effects of inaccurate mounting.

Usage = Single direction accommodate axial load in one direction, while Double logically can
accommodate axial load in both directions.

Koyo Needle Roller Bearings

Designed to be small in sectional height for products with space constraints. Available as Drawn Cup,
Machined Ring, Thrust, Stud type (Cam followers), Yoke type (roller followers) and as Miniature One way

Usage = Compact, highly rigid and superior in load carrying performance. Excellent for carrying
oscillating loads. Now greatly used as miniature clutches in office equipment.

Koyo Ball Bearing Units

Produced as units consisting of pre~lubricated ball bearings and housings of various shapes. Types
available include Pillow block, Flanged, Take-up, Cartridge, Light Duty, ‘Clean' Series (light alloy),
Stainless and Pressed Steel units

Usage = Good at aligning themselves using the spherical fitting surface between the bearing
and the housing. Provide excellent load resistance.

Special Purpose Koyo Bearings Products included in this category include;

"EXSEV" bearings - Vacuum Ball bearings, Ceramic Bearings, Self-lubricating clean ball bearings, Linear
Ball bearings for vacuums, Water Pump Spindle bearings, Bearings for Machine tool spindles,
Precision Ball screw support bearings, Rolling Mill roll neck bearings, Bearings for railway stock axle
journals, Slewing rim bearings, Linear Ball bearings

Koyo Ball Bearings

Koyo is continuing to support their customers with further improved products.

The Koyo EXSEV extreme special environment services of bearings, designed considering both diverse
bearing environment, i.e. use at high temperatures, in vacuums, and in "clean room", and the specific
performance requirements of high speed, light weight, insulation, and non-magnetism, testify to Koyo's
commitment to providing you with the additional bearing improvements required by the "extreme special

Koyo was the first in the world to succeed in the commercial production of ceramic bearing worldwide in
1984, and their extreme special environment bearings represent the fruition of their accumulated
experience and results.