Miether Bearings


Miether Bearing Products manufactures a full line of spherical bearing housings,
inserts, adapters, and all parts and accessories.  100% USA made to offer a
premium product at a competitive price in an extremely competitive market.

Miether Bearings

Miether Bearings

Miether Bearings


Miether Bearings

  • Split Spherical Housings come in SAF, SDAF, and SAW series

  • Available in Cast Iron, Steel, and Ductile Iron.

  • Sizes range from 2 3/16" to 15 3/4" bore size in our standard product line.  Larger bore sizes up 24" available on specials.

  • Split housing are fully interchangeable with other manufacturers.

  • All Miether Bearing housings have 4 bolt base and cap for the most demanding work load.

Miether Bearings

  • Flanged Cartridge Housings are piloted for serious mounting strength.

  • The Flanged housings are available in the FCL, FCLF, and FCS series.   The FCL series utilizes traditional labyrinth seal grooves machined directly into the housing, on the FCLF series a Flinger can be added to deter pollutants away from the seal.  Also available is the FCS series were a machined grove is added to allow a traditional friction seal to be added to the housing.

  • Sizes range from a 2 15/16" to 8" bore size on the standard product line.

  • Bearings an Seals interchange with SAF and MMW series.

Miether Bearings
Solid Housing

  • Solid Steel Pillow Blocks are for serious answers to serious radial and shock loading problems.

  • Solid Steel construction for stronger and more compact needs.

  • Complete selection of sealing options available.

  • Reinforcing center rib helps withstand severe shock loads.

  • Sizes range from 2 15/16" to 15 3/4" in our standard product li