Tyson SKF bearings Tyson SKF bearings

Tyson SKF Bearings

Tyson Tapered Roller bearing

Tyson Tapered Roller Bearings are used in some of the most critical applications known to industry. They address operating conditions with both radial and axial loads.

The degree of safety demanded in the transportation industry surpasses all other standards.  The importance of having the bearings perform is imperative to the safety of others.  Regardless of whether the application is rail, truck or aircraft Tyson Roller bearings are designed to meet or exceed the expectations of its users.

 Tyson Tapered Roller bearings have the following features

  • Logarithmic profile to insure more uniformed stress distribution under medium and heavy loads

  • Precision finish for proper lubrication flow

  • Case carburized bearing quality steel to absorb shock loads common in transportation and heavy industrial applications

Tyson Tapered Thrust Bearings

Tyson Tapered Thrust Bearings are used in applications where heavy loads are present.  Tyson Tapered Thrust Bearings offer

  • Sealed versions where lubrication is problematic or space constraints do not offer the luxury of a shaft seal

  • Unsealed versions available

  • Case carburized bearing quality steel

  • Size ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches bore diameters