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        Boston Worm Gear Speed Reducers & Motors

Long recognized as a pioneer among OEM and MRO manufacturers, Boston Gear has been producing dependable products since 1877 - and at the top of the list is our 700 Series worm gear speed reducer. Our 700 Series is known throughout the industry for its durable, efficient, and trouble-free performance. And with our Reducer Express™ service, we'll ship any of our 15 million different speed reducer combinations, in stock or not, by air within 24 hours - or we'll pay the freight. To find out how to incorporate Boston Gear's world-class reputation into your designs

  • Our 700 Series is the standard for modular worm gear construction.
  • Manufactured in Boston Gear's ISO 9002-certified, state-of-the-art reducer facility, 700 Series products are consistently superior.
  • A comprehensive selection of modified products enhances the flexibility of the 700 Series.
  • Single and double reduction models provide a large array of ratios.
  • Hollow and projecting output shafts afford multiple mounting configurations.
  • BISSC-certified washdown-duty models withstand rigorous environments.
  • Reducer Express  the industry's most responsive delivery program - ensures that the product you need is there when you need it.

  • Conveyors (belt, direct-drive, inclined, etc.)
  • Packaging machinery (shrink wrappers, stretch wrappers, case sealers, etc.)
  • Special machinery



  • Three distinct series allow you to match the proper gear drive to your specific application.
  • The 800 Series provides a functional interchange for SEW Eurodrive and other European manufacturers' helical gear drives, making it uniquely practical for replacement applications.
  • Our 600 Series provides a broad selection of in-line helical gear drives, ensuring one for every need.
  • Boston Gear's 200 Series Optimount® offers a unique shaft-mount design to meet the unusual requirements of horizontal and vertical applications.
  • There are comparable, washdown-duty models for all three series, making it easy to match our products to your needs.
  • A complete selection of complementary products further enhances the versatility of our helical gear drive product line:
    • Backstops
    • AC and DC motors and adjustable speed drives
    • Mechanical adjustable speed traction drives
    • Overload clutches
    • Couplings and universal joints
  • The industry's most responsive delivery programs ensure timely delivery.

While Boston Gear's planetary motor multiplier can be used as a 5:1 speed reducer/torque multiplier, it can also be used in combination with our 700, 600, 800, and 200 Series reducers. In the latter capacity, it enhances reducer performance without the delay or expense of a custom design, making this an economical alternative to a multi-reduction reducer.


Motor Multiplier

  • This motor multiplier increases motor torque incrementally for greater power.
  • It can be used with any 56 C-face gear drive or motor to multiply the ratio by 5:1 for optimal performance.
  • It can also be used as a stand alone unit with optional base kit adding to its versatility.
  • This product's capacity to immediately convert any single reduction C-face gear drive into a double reduction model makes it a uniquely functional component.
  • The planetary spur gear system provides operation that's as smooth as it is quiet.
  • Pre-lubrication for life means quality performance with less maintenance.
  • Overall, the planetary motor multiplier vastly increases inventory flexibility.

  • Use with virtually any NEMA 56C flanged reducer to augment stock ratios and maximize inventory flexibility.
  • Use as a stand alone 5:1 gear drive

Boston Gear's HTD® timing belts combine the advantages of a flat belt with the positive-grip features of chain and gear drives. As the timing belt travels over the teeth of the pulley, there is no slippage like there is with flat belts. Since only a minimal amount of belt tension is required to prevent this slippage, the bearing loads on the driving shaft is reduced. And unlike gear and chain drives, which require lubrication, these timing belts need none, which make them easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Boston Gear offers a complete line of AC and DC motors to complement the industry's broadest line of enclosed gear drives and adjustable speed controllers. From 1/20 to 1000 HP, Boston has a motor to suit your specific application. And our Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program will keep your machines running.

  • Motors from 1/20 to 75 HP mean a model for every need.
  • DC motors from 1/6 to 1000 HP add additional flexibility.
  • Numerous enclosures and model configurations satisfy a variety of design configurations.
  • The industry's most responsive delivery program minimizes downtime.
  • A wide array of complementary AC and DC adjustable speed drives, clutches and brakes, and enclosed gear drives provide a comprehensive selection of uniquely compatible components.