Jeffrey Chain

Jeffrey Chain

Jeffrey Chain has over 100 years of tradition in engineering expertise, system design, and problem solving. Not only does Jeffrey Chain provide quality chain products and accessories, but also immediate and accessible technical assistance for our customers.

The complete line of conveying, elevating, and drive chain at Jeffrey Chain today is the result of years of research and development. With many sizes available - each style designed to fit a specific need - it is never necessary to compromise a particular chain selection.

WHITNEY CHAIN ATTACHMENTS are made to the same demanding standards and dimensional accuracy as the A.N.S.I. roller chains. The popular bent-lug and extended-pin configurations are stocked and assembled into chain for your individual conveying application. Stainless steel or plated-attachment chains are available on request.

Other Whitney Specialty Attachments include crescent plate, poultry processing, book binding, 81-X, tomato chain, and many others.

The New Standard
For Precision Roller Chains

Whitney Chain proudly introduces our new Whitney/Renold line of precision roller chains. This premium series offers high performance and value through innovative manufacturing and design. Special cold-forged, solid bushings and rollers combined with heavy-duty, "wide-waist" link plate construction assure users of the strongest, toughest, longest-lasting roller chain available. A superior product and over 200 years experience in design, manufacturing, and engineering field assistance are available only with Whitney Renold roller chains.

Solid Bushings and Rollers
  • No seams to "open up" when challenged by high load.
  • Superior roller fatigue strength improves performance at higher speeds.
  • Special tapered bushing inside diameter (ID) design offsets assembly distortion. 100% pin-bushing contact surfaces assure enhanced wear performance.
Near Zero Initial Stretch
  • Super straight bushings reduce break-in wear.
  • Helps assure maximum chain wear life.
  • Reduces the need for initial adjustment

Whitney EXCEL Hydro-Service Chains
A Superior Rust Prevention Product

Whitney EXCEL Hydro-Service Chains are treated with a special rust preventative dual coating. The corrosion resistance of this series in wet, humid, saltwater or other moisture related applications is far superior to nickel or zinc plating.

Top Left. After sixty days of outdoor exposure, Whitney Excel Hydro-Service demonstrates the rust resistance that makes it the best choice for outdoor use.

Top Right. Fourteen days in and out of a 5% saltwater solution (equivalent to sea water) Hydro-Service chains will extend chain life compared to conventional nickel plating ore carbon steel in more challenging applications.

Thirty times the corrosion protection in freshwater or saltwater!