Sier Bath Couplings

Sier Bath Couplings

Flanged Gear Coupling
Flanged series gear couplings are noted for their compact design, easy installation and high torque density. They are the economical choice for large torque and bore applications as well as the choice for limited space installations or high speed applications. The Lovejoy/Sier-Bath flanged series gear coupling features the patented Vari-Crown tooth form results in lower tooth stresses. 

Flanged sleeve gear coupling are available with both shrouded and exposed bolts up to size 5 and exposed bolts only for larger sizes. Bolts are alloy steel heat treated for greater strength; no threads area within the shear plane. All Lovejoy/Sier-Bath flanged sleeve "F" Series couplings meet AGMA dimensional standards, where applicable, for matching other industry standard couplings.

Lovejoy/Sier-Bath couplings are stocked to size seven. Stock includes bored to size hubs, and exposed bolt or shrouded bolt sleeves.

Features and Benefits
Patented Vari-Crown tooth form for long life 
Standard 20 pressure angle
Heat treated bolts for greater strength
Interchangeable with industry standards  
Interference fit on bore is standard

Applications That Fit Flanged Gear Couplings:
Steel Mills
Primary Metal Plants
Mine Concentrators
Pulp and Paper Mills

Styles Available
Floating Shaft
Mill Motor