Reliance Motors

Reliance Motors

For many years, Reliance Electric has offered you quality motors with a broad selection of available modifications such as c-flanges, thermostats, drip covers, 50 hertz, and space heaters. Today, Reliance
brand motors offer more modifications with faster lead times than ever before, providing efficient solutions for
a wide range of customer applications. Reductions in critical spares inventory and tight budgets mean that many End Users defer MRO purchases to the last minute and then need a motor urgently. To help meet
these challenges, Rockwell Automation is proud to announce the “Hot Mods” modification program as a part
of their complete motor solution.

The Hot Mods program includes the most commonly requested motor modifications currently available. As modifications are done, a model number is assigned to the modified motor creating an ever growing historical database
A commitment to Energy Savings and Value. Reliance Motors offer superior energy saving designs that provide reduced operating costs, optimum variable-speed performance and true life-cycle value. Several levels of efficiency are available throughout this broad line to meet motor usage requirements

Designed for optimum performance and durability in demanding variable-speed motor applications, Reliance DC motors have earned a reputation for dependability in severe operating conditions.

Reliance Electric General Purpose DC motors have set the standard for meeting a wide variety of application needs. Whether the environment calls for drip proof guarded or totally enclosed, with or without a tachometer, Reliance has the motor for the application.

Reliance Electric Totally Enclosed DC Motors offer the flexibility and reliability of a DC motor for use in a severe environment containing dust and dirt. These totally enclosed motors prevent the free exchange of air between the inside and outside of the motor enclosure and are available with a wide array of ventilation – from air-over in-line to dual-cooled with air-to-air heat exchangers

Reliance Electric Washdown Duty DC motors feature oversized brushes and commutator to help extend brush life up to four times longer than the industry standard. These compact and efficient TEFC motors are optimized for power-matched performance with a DC Drive.

Reliance Electric offers IEC DC motors that meet metric mounting requirements. A selection of motors are available to operate in environments requiring the superior design of Reliance DC motors with the ability to meet metric mechanical requirements.

Reliance Electric Explosion Proof DC motors are designed and constructed to withstand an explosion of a specified gas or vapor within it and to prevent the ignition of the area surrounding the motor. These motors offer the benefits of Reliance DC technology and experience in a tough and demanding explosion proof environment.