Chicago Rawhide

Chicago Rawhide

Chicago Rawhide is a leading provider of sealing solutions around the world. Wherever a rolling bearing helps a shaft rotate, or a wheel to turn, a radial seal is required. Whether you want technical answers, catalog information, or to find a local distributor, start by clicking on your main application area of interest. Under Industrial you will find CR sealing solutions for manufacturing and process equipment requirements. Vehicle Service Market covers both seal and bearing replacement parts for cars, light trucks, as well as heavy trucks. If you are a designer or builder of automotive or truck components or assemblies,

The Chicago Rawhide brand encompasses almost 25,000 variants of shaft seals, in a variety of designs, materials, and capabilities, from as small as 3.2 mm to as large as 4572 mm (0.125 to 180 inches). To find the exact seal you need start with our online catalog, or explore based on your application requirements based on our broad industry groups above. Chicago Rawhide also offers design evaluations and testing facilities to help equipment manufacturers explore the latest in product and material innovations.

Chicago Rawhide has literally thousands of rotary shaft seals, but there is only one “right” seal for each job. The criteria for selecting the right seal is not by size alone. In today’s industrial environments, more and more variables need to be considered for optimum performance. This web site is designed to help you find the right sealing solution to meet your needs.

Chicago Rawhide has demonstrated a unique ability in industrial sealing systems to select and blend just the right compounds to produce seals capable of withstanding extreme heat and abrasion. This covers materials from standard nitrile to propriety blends like Duralip® and Duratemp®, as well as high-performance materials such as
CR Longlife™ and PTFE.

Chicago Rawhide offers over 3,000 individual seal designs, in over 25,000 variations of size and lip materials, ranging in size from 3.2mm to 4,572mm (0.125 inches to 180 inches.) Among many industrial accomplishments that can be traced to CR are large diameter seals with encapsulated garter springs that lock permanently in place and the EP2000, the first seal developed in several years specifically designed for demanding mill applications. CR also developed the reed block, a unique breathing mechanism used in small two-stroke engines.